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Creating a Wellbeing Economy for All

We are excited to introduce you to our joint initiative, which aims to transform Vermont’s economy into a sustainable, prosperous system that benefits everyone who calls Vermont home.

Our Vision

Our vision is an economy where we meet the needs of all people within the means of a living planet. We recognize that we cannot solve the multiple and interconnected crises facing us all without transforming our current economic system. Inspired by the principles of ecological economics and the UN Sustainable Development goals, we have been exploring the growing global movement of communities, businesses, cities, and countries who are gathering around the Doughnut Economics framework, the Wellbeing Economy Alliance movement, the Circular Economy movement, and others like it.

Our Purpose

To align the actions of public, private and non-profit organizations so that by 2035 Vermont’s social foundations are met for all, within the ecological ceiling of the planet; in essence, Vermont citizens self-report high levels of well-being and our state’s metrics are solidly “inside the doughnut”. 

To mobilize Vermont policy makers to solve complex crises (e.g., housing, income inequality, workforce development, climate change) by taking an interconnected systems approach to societal and economic change.

Our Strategy

Raising awareness

Spread the Doughnut Economics framework and Wellbeing Economy vision Raise awareness, develop understanding, and instill passion towards creating transformative change in Vermont, based on the principles of Doughnut Economics and the Wellbeing Economy.

Municipal & Statewide Initiatives

Work with fellow Vermonters desiring to change local policies and create or scale programs/initiatives that contribute towards Vermont living “inside the Doughnut,” strategically driving towards larger, state-wide transformative changes in Vermont.


Connect with like-minded individuals, groups, and organizations aligned with Doughnut Economic and Wellbeing Economy principles, seeking to enhance and amplify their work.

Adopt & Implement Wellbeing Goals

Work with Vermont Legislators and the Governor’s Administration to adopt Wellbeing Economy Goals and Metrics, Wellbeing Economy Policies and create a Wellbeing Budget for our state.

Who’s Involved

The Vermont Prosperity Project is currently a partnership between the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, UVM GUND Institute for Environment, Abundant Sun LLC, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Public Assets Institute, Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEAll), Recovery Vermont, and the Vermont Council on Rural Development.

Our Latest Projects

Environment, Climate Change

Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

Environment, Climate Change

Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

Environment, Climate Change

Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

Join Us!

As a leader in Vermont, we hope you will join us. Register now to secure your spot and be a part of this important conversation. We look forward to seeing you on April 13th!

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