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Hello everyone!

Well, it’s been over a week since we were all together for the first gathering of the Vermont Prosperity Project. Thank you to all of our guests for joining us. We hope that you enjoyed the afternoon together, and we look forward to seeing how our work together will expand and take shape and form.

We know a number of you wanted to attend the event but couldn’t for a variety of reason. We want you to have the same information as those who were able to attend so that you can join in on future events as your schedule allows.

As we mentioned on the day, we are not starting a new organization. We are not saying that we are prescribing any answers to the many challenges and crises that surround. It is our hope that we can find creative and innovative solutions together that will help elevate the wellbeing of all Vermonters, and the economy we all engage with every day.

Below are a few resources for you to enjoy and to use at your discretion.

Kate Raworth’s Message to Vermont

We kicked off the day with a message to us in Vermont from Kate Raworth. It’s great to have her as a supporter of our work. While she is most renown for her work on Doughnut Economics, we see this important work as a catalyzing framework that is helpful to us at this time. It provides us with a construct that we can play with, and mold to what we believe will be a relevant and meaningful approach for Vermont.

The essence of ’The Doughnut’ is simple. It provides us with the challenge of thinking through how we meet the social, emotional and physical needs of all Vermonters, without living beyond the ecological limits of our shared planet.

We had asked that everyone watch this before having arrived at our kickoff event. If you’ve not had a chance to watch it, now is the time. And at the same time, if you have watched it already, it would be great for you to re-visit it again, ex post facto:

Sounds like a deal

The Vermont Prosperity Project is now connected to the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) which supports initiatives around the planet who are working towards a shared goal of meeting the social foundation of needs for all within the limits of our living planet. You can learn more about DEAL

here: https://doughnuteconomics.org/discover-the-community

and check out our network page here: https://doughnuteconomics.org/groups-and-networks/37

Modelling Cultural Transformation 

The past few years it has become exceedingly clear that so many of the systems that should be supporting humanity are in deep crisis, and/or are failing. There has been so much speak of ’systemic changes’ that are required, and often there is a true lack of understanding of how to get there. We are delighted to have been exposed to the 2 Loops Model, a model developed by Deborah Frieze and Margaret Wheatley which provides us with a roadmap of how to get from old to new systems. Please watch the following video.

VIDEO on the 2 Loops Model

Opt-in: The Vermont Prosperity Project’s Network

One of the best things that we can do is to stick together, join forces and combine resources in order to effect system change on deep and sustainable levels. We are so happy that you’re a part of our work. We are committed to connecting and to re-connecting us all with a fresh and hopeful lens. The energy that you all brought into the room with you at our kickoff event is energy that we will all continue to harness. So, stay tuned for information about how and when we’ll all come together again.

With the utmost respect for your privacy, we cannot share our newly forming community members details. So. Abundant Sun has created a communication and educational platform where we can all opt-in to meet, to share and to learn. It’s called JuJuBee, and can be found at www.JuJuBee.us. You’ll find all of the resources in this message waiting for you on JuJuBee as well.

Please visit this link to create a free account, then request access to the Vermont Prosperity Project’s Public Group or click here . This way we can continue to communicate in real-time and to keep track of our development easily. It’s a great repository, and source of positive accountability, for all that we are doing together.

The Vermont Prosperity Project’s Launch Presentation

Please take some time to re-visit the content of the presentation we shared with you at our launch. You can find it here:VPP KICK OFF – FINAL SLIDE DECK – Read-Only

Thanks again for all that you are doing to make Vermont live up to our shared values. 

All the very best,

The Steering Wheel of the Vermont Prosperity Project brought to you by:

Abundant Sun, Public Assets Institute, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, University of Vermont, GUND Institute and Wellbeing Alliance

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