The Two Loops Model
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Seeding Change in Vermont: The Berkana Two Loops Model

Welcome to the threshold of change. The Two Loops Model isn’t just a philosophy; it’s a blueprint for personal and societal transformation. It challenges you to relinquish the old to make way for the innovative and the equitable.

Navigate Change with Clarity

At its core, the Two Loops Model is your guide through the intricate systems of thought and routine that define our lives. It illuminates the paths we tread and reveals the crossroads where true change is possible.

The Two Loops Explained:

The Berkana Two Loops Model offers a lens to view our current systems—a dominant system in decline and an emergent one, ripe with opportunity. In Vermont, we see this narrative unfolding. Traditional industries and ways of life, while cherished, are giving way to innovative practices that promise a more equitable and sustainable future.

Vermont’s Pioneers:

In every corner of our state, ‘pioneers’ of change are sowing seeds of this emergent system. From sustainable agriculture to green energy initiatives, these pockets of possibility are the incubators for the Vermont we aspire to create. They are the visionaries crafting a narrative of resilience and regeneration.

Stimulating Change:

To catalyze this transformation, we must:

 As these networks of practice flourish, they forge new pathways of knowledge and action, establishing a robust system that thrives on local engagement and global thought.

Reflecting on Our Role:

The model urges us to consider our roles in this transitional period:

Maintaining the old while fostering the new: Balancing care for established systems with space for innovation.
Providing ‘hospice care’: Offering compassion for those for whom change is a harbinger of loss.

Critical Questions for Vermonters:

As we navigate this shift, we must ask ourselves:

– What does our emergent Vermont look like? How does it feel to live within it?
– Where do we already see this future taking root?
– Who are the pioneers leading by example?

Conversely, we must identify what anchors the dominant system in place and discern what we wish to carry forward and what we must leave behind to fertilize new growth.

Applying the Model:

In Vermont, the Two Loops Model isn’t just a philosophical exercise; it can be a practical tool. It helps us articulate the change we want to see in the world and within our organizations.

The Model’s Appeal:
What resonates with Vermonters about the Two Loops Model?

– It’s appreciative: It celebrates our local innovators.
– It’s compassionate: It acknowledges the emotional weight of transformation.
– It’s practical: It recognizes the need to keep foundational systems functioning during the transition.
– It’s encouraging: It confirms that relational systems can evolve and small actions can have significant impacts.

Beyond the Model:
While the Two Loops Model simplifies the complexity of systemic change, it doesn’t diminish the intricate web of factors at play. The transition from a dominant system to an emergent one is rarely seamless. Resistance is natural, but so is change. And in that change lies our collective hope for a prosperous Vermont.

In Conclusion:

In embracing the Berkana Two Loops Model, we’re not just adopting a framework; we’re committing to a journey of community-led evolution. As we stand at the cusp of change, let’s harness the collective power of our relationships, our innovations, and our shared vision for Vermont. Together, we can redefine prosperity and well-being for every Vermonter.

As a pivotal step on this journey, I invite you to join us on December 6th for a live virtual event—a deeper dive into the Two Loops Model. This event is more than just a discussion; it’s an opportunity to engage with fellow Vermonters who share your passion for progress and well-being. Together, we’ll explore practical strategies for enacting the emergent systems that beckon to us from the horizon.

Don’t let this moment pass you by. It’s a chance to be part of something larger than ourselves—a movement towards a sustainable and flourishing Vermont. Click below to reserve your spot and be a part of shaping our state’s future. We can’t wait to welcome you to this transformative conversation.

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